Event (English)

RC-808 “Drum Rap” Contest

Applications for RC-808 Drum Rap Contest is now closed.
We would like to thank everybody who applied!

The entries will be available on the website for listening soon.
The contest is closed but you're still welcome to post your work on Instagram.
Please do so with the hashtag #recreate808 - the Analog Mafia will listen to your work!

Dear audacious applicants,

Welcome to the peak of “Mt. Creation”!
We Analog Mafia admire your spirits to try this rather unusual contest. We suppose you had RC-808 crash a number of times.
In fact, some of us were worried if anyone could actually reach the goal with such a lot of obstacles.
RC-808 is still under improvement for more advanced synthesizer.
Please come and visit RC-808 web site again – we hope to have another opportunity to meet the challenge of “re-creation”.

Thank you again for your participation.

Analog Mafia Leader Tadao Kikumoto

Now we are happy to share the works submitted to RC-808 DRUM RAP Contest, along with the comments of DJ Hisashi Saito.

Note: we Analog Mafia are very impressed by the high-quality work you all submitted and decided to send the prize to all applicants as it was hard to choose the best.

michirisato’s work
Wow! Isn’t the drum singing!!! What a work creating a singing synthesizer specializes in rhythm with RC-808 which is reminiscent of Isao Tomita…we found michirisato is tremendously skillful and his ideas are exceptional!

4nobeatz’s works
4nobeatz mentioned that he/she couldn’t rap, but somehow the detailed tricks made it a unique and fun work. The rhythm that matches the speed of modulation and BPM is also very interesting.

neko_no_jhonny’s works
neko_no_jhonny’s work is tightly packed with Drum Rap, the main theme of this contest, using a small number of sounds. The taste of the exquisite shuffle is shining. I love it!

wallman_inf’s works
wallman_inf has sent us three tracks, all of which are so varied that you wouldn’t think they were made by RC-808 only. Sounds totally like a synthesizer magician. Anyway, it’s a perfect masterpiece with a sense of sound making and rhythm, which is absolutely impeccable! If this work had appeared in an era when it was said that the sound of synthesizers was cold, the world would have reacted very differently . We think wallman_inf did a fantastic job bringing out the potential of RC-808 by 100 million%.

gamipoochy’s work
The combination of sound and rhythm that perfectly expresses the theme “Drum Rap” by synthesizing a thick and strong kick sound is truly amazing! This happened to be possible by pitch curve modulation of RC-808 equipped with the filter similar to the System 700.